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10 Anti-Aging Tips to stay young

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10 Tips about Anti-Aging and how to have a young looking skin and face

10 Anti-Aging Tips to stay young

10 Anti-Aging Tips to stay young

If you want to stay young you need to take care of your face skin first. The face is the center of beauty which everyone notices in the first look. If your face is healthy and fresh with no wrinkles, you will look younger but if it is not then it will look older.
You need to start taking care of your face in your 30s because this age is one of the stages where your skin starts becoming old.
Following are a few steps to follow to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.


Add skin cleanser to your daily routine to have a beautiful and younger look. Check your skin type and buy the cleanser accordingly.
You need to choose a cream cleanser instead of a foaming one. Creamy cleanser keeps your skin moistens and nourishes as in your 30s it needs to moisten because of over-dryness.
Cleanse your skin in the morning and night before going to bed. To have smoother, soft, and younger skin, you need to have a good cleanser to get the desired results. Cleanse your face from the dirt and makeup every night you sleep to have pimple-free and younger skin.


Apply the scrub on the skin to exfoliate once or twice a week. Every person has different skin so it is important to notice what skin type is yours.
The ones which can bear the scrubbing twice a week or not then do it accordingly. To stay younger, you need to remove the dead skin from your face. Once the dead skin cells in your face are removed, your skin will start repairing itself again.


After you are done with the cleansing and scrubbing, your skin is ready for applying the serum because it’s free from dirt.
The serum helps to give you a softer, firmer, and new skin look. Use the best serum in the morning time and night before going to bed.

Facial oil

With the passage of time, the skin loses the ability to produce natural oil, we need to use facial oil in the morning to maintain it. Ultraviolet rays damage our skin which removes the moisture and hydration of the skin.
In the morning, apply a few drops of oil on the skin and start massaging it gently in an upward motion to keep your skin fresh.

An eye cream

Eye bags and dark circles under the eyes also have an uneven look that’s not good for younger skin.
Don’t only stick to your skin as the aging can be seen from the eye bags and wrinkles under the eyes area.
Choose a good eye cream to apply it in the morning and night. This will remove the wrinkles and eye bags.

Wrinkle creams

When you sleep in the night, your skin has the ability to start repairing it and form new cells. And when you apply a night cream, it doubles the effect. So it’s a good idea to apply a good night cream for wrinkles to get the results.

Moisturizer for your neck area

Besides the face, the neck is also the second center for a youthful appearance. You need to apply a moisturizer to the neck and chest to keep it hydrated.

Remove the makeup

This is strongly recommended to clean your skin from makeup at night before going to bed.
You don’t need to rub or scrub harsh the skin area but skin cleansing is just enough. This cleanses the makeup and dirt from your skin.

Avoid soap on your face.

Soap is not good for your skin especially the soap for removing germs. If your skin is sensitive, then it’s very bad to use soap over it. Use a face wash instead.

Use hydrating mask

Using a hydrating mask once or twice a week is good to maintain your youthful appearance. Your skin wants to be hydrated because it starts getting dehydrated or dry in your 30s.

Conclusion – 10 Anti-Aging Tips to stay young

If you look in the mirror and think your skin is aging, you should follow these simple steps:

  • Cleanser
  • Scrub
  • Serum
  • Facial oil
  • An eye cream
  • Wrinkle creams
  • Moisturizer for your neck area
  • Remove the makeup
  • Avoid soap on your face.
  • Use hydrating mask

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