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8 Best Castles To Visit In Spain

by Susan Williams
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Spain’s castles are ideal for travelers who wish to journey back in time and experience history, tales, and majesty on a big scale. It is one of the few attractions that offer a sense of a “period gone by,” which cannot be expressed in words.

8-Best-Castles-To-Visit-In-SpainSo, suppose you’re planning a trip to Spain. In that case, we recommend visiting these eight iconic Spanish Castles and returning home with a new perspective on life since their beauty and charm will undoubtedly move you.

The castles in Spain are not only beautiful and impressive, but they also can captivate you for hours. You’ll love these top ones nationwide if you’re a history enthusiast. Examine it out!

  1. Castillo De San Marcos:

Castillo-De-San-Marcos-Best-Castles-To-Visit-In-SpainCastillo de San Marcos was a fortified church built in Spain at the request of King Alfonso X. It should not be confused with the similarly named structure in the United States.

The site where it was built used to be a Muslim mosque, torn down when the church was built. Most of the main hall’s foundations and columns are Roman, which suggests that they were made even earlier.

This castle/church is now integral to Spanish cultural and architectural history. It was nationalized in 1920 and is even included on the Spanish Heritage Register due to its unique structure and historical significance. The Caballero Group has owned it since 1959.


  1. Alhambra Castle:

Alhambra-Castle-Best-Castles-To-Visit-In-SpainDue to its remarkable design, Alhambra Castle is often ranked among the world’s most impressive castles. This historic castle and fortress are situated in Granada.

The name “Alhambra” originates from the crimson color of the walls and towers encircle the fortress. It means “red fort” or “castle” in Arabic. In addition, it is the last surviving piece of the Nasrid Dynasty, which was the final Islamic state located in Western Europe. The Islamic Golden Age is also remembered here.

It is a famous tourist destination, and you could easily spend hours admiring the castle, palace, and gorgeous gardens. It is an architectural masterpiece that has influenced countless literary works, films, and works of art. In 1984, the Alhambra was included on the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.


  1. Alcázar Of Segovia:

Alcazar-Of-Segovia-Best-Castles-To-Visit-In-SpainThis castle, located in the city of Segovia, is widely regarded as one of the finest examples of Spanish architecture in all of Spain. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has a rich historical background. It is also one of the most exciting castle palaces in Spain because it looks like the bow of a boat. It served as the model for the castle shown in Snow White!

It was the fortified residence of Castile’s rulers. The original structure was substantially damaged by fire in 1862, but it has since been repaired.

This castle has had several uses throughout the years, including a residence for the royal family, a military installation, and even a penal stronghold. Today, it serves as both a museum of arms and a historical attraction for tourists.

  1. Castillo De Colomares:

Castillo-De-Colomares-Best-Castles-To-Visit-In-SpainThe castle was constructed between 1987 and 1994 by Esteban Martin, a doctor from the United States. Dr. Esteban was so shocked by the lack of attention and knowledge provided to this well-known explorer that he decided to construct a castle to memorialize Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the Americas.

The monument uses a wide variety of materials, including natural stone, bricks, wood, and concrete, to depict scenes from the story of the discovery of the American continent. Some of them show the three boats that the expedition used and a picture of Saint Salvador to honor San Salvador Island. Tourists are invited to enter and see the fantastic colored glass windows.

Over the years, Colomares Castle has been used as a falconry, a reptile center, and a museum. It is still a popular destination for tourists in Benalmadena and a historical landmark for admirers of the fantastical and beautiful, imaginative building.


  1. Castle Of Loarre:

Castle-Of-Loarre-Best-Castles-To-Visit-In-SpainThis castle, which has been turned into an abbey, is one of the oldest in Spain. It is located 1070 m (3510.5 ft) above sea level in a beautiful spot. In the 11th century, the King of Sancho built this fort to protect his kingdom against Muslim incursions.

The monastery was an addition made in later years to provide a home for Augustine’s canons (a religious order of the Roman Catholic Church).

The castle’s military and religious components make it one of Spain’s most significant landmarks. The 170 m (557 ft) perimeter wall is still standing today. It is a symbol of Spanish power that has lasted into the modern day. In addition, the exciting environment is ideal for participation in sports such as paragliding and horseback riding.


  1. Alcazar Of Seville:

Alcazar-Of-Seville-Best-Castles-To-Visit-In-SpainThe Royal Alcazar of Seville is the oldest surviving palace in Europe and a Unesco World Heritage Site. The castle’s origins may be traced back to the 11th century when Muslim leaders decided to build a castle in a strategic part of Seville to protect the city from invaders. The Alcazar complex has many palaces and gardens built at different times and encircled by a wall.

Later in the 14th century, King Peter I of Castile not only formed a mutual assistance pact with the Nasrid Sultan of Granada (in principle his foe) to secure himself from internal opponents better, but he also valued Muslim culture and surrounded himself with Muslim consultants and Jews.

Because of his forward-thinking approach and acceptance of people of other cultures and religions, the magnificent castle that King Peter I built may now be found within the walls of the Alcazar in Seville.


  1. Bellver Castle:

Bellver-Castle-Best-Castles-To-Visit-In-SpainThe Castle of Bellver was constructed in the 14th century for King James of Mallorca and is a historically significant fortress.

The Majorca Islands is in the middle of Palma and has been the home of many Kings. It has also been the site of a lot of violence and murders. It was attacked twice but was destroyed in the 16th century during the Revolt of the Brotherhood.

The monument and the surrounding woodland were donated to the city of Palma, where they now serve as a museum. On the Sunday after Easter, the residents assemble in the woods and the castle to celebrate a local festival that concludes the festival season.


  1. Castle Of Coca:

Castle-Of-Coca-Best-Castles-To-Visit-In-SpainCoca Castle was begun in 1451 by the archbishop of Seville, but the archbishop’s brother built its current defenses. Its beautiful architecture is one of the best examples of traditional Spanish buildings you’ll ever see.

Despite its heavy-set, fully-fortified exterior, the exquisite Mudejar style brickwork is accented with Moorish highlights, giving the whole structure a pleasant look.


This castle is now designated as a National Heritage Monument. Napoleon formerly attacked it, but it is currently under the protection of the Alva family.

They leased it to the government, which utilizes it for tourist attractions and a forestry school. It’s a shame that no one ever has a chance to thoroughly explore the many ancient tunnels that have been blocked off to separate the school from the tourist areas.


There are a few exceptions, but most Spanish castles were not intended to be beautiful. They have a sturdy, grave, and menacing presence. They were constructed to hold up against sieges from anybody, from Moorish invaders to the monarch of the neighboring province.

conclusion-Best-Castles-To-Visit-In-SpainThey sometimes housed kings for short intervals, but more often, their residents were political prisoners of the governing authority. Visiting castles in Spain is a great way to learn about historical military capabilities.

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