Must visit places in Spain

Best Places To Visit In Spain

Spain continues to be one of Europe’s most popular travel destinations because of its abundance of must-do excursions and activities. What images come to mind when you think of Spain? Idyllic beaches laced with the Mediterranean Sea; Moorish castles; medieval cities; lush national parks; and world-class museums where you may marvel at paintings by Picasso and Salvador Dali?

You won’t have any problem completing your schedule in Spain, since the variety of things to see and do is so astounding. Even the residents haven’t seen all there is to see and do! Although it may take a lifetime to see everything that this nation has to offer, there are a few places that travelers prefer to gravitate toward.

Looking for ideas for the next time you’re in Spain? Make sure to check out our list of best places to visit in Spain.

San Sebastian:


Basque area in northern Spain’s province of Gipuzkoa, San Sebastian serves as the province’s capital. This lovely coastal resort town is well-known for its world-class beaches and enviable culinary heritage.

Despite its modest size, San Sebastian packs with restaurants, pintxo bars, boutiques, and an enclosed mall. Napoleonic Wars virtually destroyed the city. Therefore, many of its historic buildings had reconstructed in the nineteenth century. The Old Town has many of these historic structures.

Playa de la Concha, the most popular beach in San Sebastian, provides sunbathing and water sports including swimming, kayaking, and water skiing. Surfboard and bodyboard rentals are available in Playa de la Zurriola, which is popular with surfers.

Monte Urgell and Mount Igueldo, two high hills above the city, provide hiking, funicular rides, amusement parks, fascinating monuments, and breathtaking vistas.

The pintxos of San Sebastian are well-known across Spain. There are many fresh vegetables, meats, and seafood that may use in the preparation of pintxos, which you can get as an appetizer. Pintxo buffets may be available at several places across the city. It’s a local habit to sample pintxos and a drink at each tavern along the way.

The city has several festivals and events throughout the year. The San Sebastian Film Festival and the Jazz Festival attract the most visitors.



If you haven’t been to Almeria, you’re missing out. There are many reasons to visit this beautiful city in Spain, though! Alcazaba’s spectacular castle is Europe’s second-largest surviving Muslim castle. The ruins of Castillo San Cristobal may be seen not far away.

As a bonus, you may explore a network of tunnels dug during the Spanish Civil War to discover more about Almeria’s past. You may see Almeria’s old town and its Gothic cathedral while you are there. A stronghold had erected to defend the city from invasion from the sea. This church looks different from other cathedrals in Spain.

There are some best hiking routes in Andalucia just outside of Almeria’s municipal limits, making it an ideal destination for both beach and mountain lovers alike. Cabo de Gata Natural Park offers spectacular coastline treks, while Sierra Nevada National Park on Almeria’s side has peaks over 2,000 meters high. What to do in Spain in July? If you’re looking for the top beach destinations in Spain, Almeria is your solution!



Granada, the provincial capital of southern Spain’s Granada province, is at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Granada combines outstanding sites, traditional cultures, and lively nightlife into a unique and unforgettable vacation experience. The Alhambra, a masterpiece of Moorish architecture and an essential part of Andalusia’s cultural heritage, is the city’s most notable attraction.

Historic sites such as the 16th century Granada Cathedral, with its spectacular domed roof, as well as the world-famous Alhambra, with its lavish gardens and Arabic baths all bear witness to the city’s turbulent past.

The culture of Granada is defined by its two distinct neighborhoods, Sacromonte and Albaicin. Tourists visit Sacromonte to witness how gypsies have historically lived in different cave shelters and to experience live flamenco and zambra dances performed by local performers.

The Spice Market in Albaicin, the Arabic Quarter, has been in operation for over a century. Vendors selling beautiful tapestries, wall hangings, and exotic teas and spices line the cobblestone streets of this historic city.

The Nevada Ski Station, located just outside of town, provides a variety of year-round activities, from skiing and sledding in the snow to mountain climbing, horseback riding, and cable car tours.

On the nights, residents go from bar to bar, trying the food and drink that each one has to offer before moving on to the city’s nightlife.



The city of Barcelona is one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations. Catalonia’s capital city, Barcelona, will always be a top contender for the best cities in Spain. First-time visitors to Spain will find this city to be an excellent choice.

Barcelona is always bustling with visitors, locals, freelancers, and lone travelers. It’s an incredible place for a city vacation, a chance to see Gaudi’s art, and a chance to have some fantastic tapas!

Everyone may find what they’re searching for in Barcelona, whether they’re seeking a luxurious vacation or a cheap one. Catalonia’s capital city is breathtaking. Explore the Gothic Quarter, the Guell Park, or the Sagrada Familia for some of the city’s best sights.

Barcelona’s beaches, city center, F.C. Barcelona football game, and el Carmen walk are all excellent options for a day of relaxation in the sun. This city will not let you down, no matter what you decide to do!



In Spain’s northern Basque province, Bilbao is often ignored since it isn’t on the most popular tourist itineraries. Because of its stormy separatist past, it is no wonder that it is now renowned for its gastronomy, architecture, and remarkable culture worldwide. Visiting Bilbao for the first time is a terrific way to get a taste of everything Spain has to offer.

Pintxos, the Basque version of tapas, can be found at every bar in Bilbao, so you don’t even need to travel to a restaurant for Basque cuisine. You may eat them as a meal, or merely utilize them to pique your interest in the next course of action. Bilbao has many options if you’re looking for a place to eat. For Spain’s gourmet destinations, Bilbao is hard to beat.

The city’s compactness makes it an excellent place to explore on foot, and the wide range of architectural styles on display, from the ultramodern Guggenheim Museum and the Calatrava bridge to the Art Nouveau theatre in the city’s heart, makes it an enjoyable experience. Explore the Old Town, or Casco Viejo, for more historic sites.

Go to Guernica for the day if you have the opportunity. In 1937, the German Air Force bombed and burned the hamlet as a rehearsal assault for World War II, killing over 1000 residents. Today, the community is modern and restored.

To commemorate the tragic destruction of this community, Picasso, then residing in Paris, painted “Gernika Peace Museum Foundation,” a work that bears the same name. In my opinion, Barcelona is the best city in Spain.



With a vibrant nightlife, Madrid is the capital and biggest city of Spain. The city’s ethnic mix and concentration of educational institutions make it one of Europe’s most vibrant and diverse cosmopolitan centers.

We love the blend of ancient and contemporary buildings in Madrid. The capital is divided into many districts, each with its distinct personality and set of attractions. These range from historic districts to communities with an elderly demographic, university districts, ethnic neighborhoods, and nightlife hotspots.

City center Puerta del Sol serves as a meeting place for festivals, prominent events, and street performers, and a primary transit hub for the city of Buenos Aries. Plaza Mayor, the city’s most famous plaza, is renowned for its many souvenir stores, cafés, and the vibrant San Miguel Market.

Madrid’s most prominent tourist attractions, such as the Royal Palace, the country’s official house, and a wide variety of stunning cathedrals and ancient structures, can all be found in the city’s heart. You may enjoy anything from magnificent parks and zoos to sporting events, exhibitions, and concerts if you are in Madrid.

Conclusion of Best Places To Visit In Spain:

If you’re planning a trip to Europe, have you thought about which cities in Spain might be the most interesting? Each area of Spain is substantially different from the rest of the nation. For those who have just a few days or weeks to spare, above are the top 6 best places to visit in Spain’s unique and rich culture.