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DIY 3 ingredients skin-nourishing moisturizer

by Susan Williams
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The easiest skin-nourishing moisturizer ever and it will make your skin glowing and clear and non-greasy!

DIY 3 ingredients skin-nourishing moisturizer

DIY 3 ingredients skin-nourishing moisturizer

Learn how to make your own 3 ingredients skin-nourishing moisturizer. Only argan oil and 2 essential oils are being used for this DIY skin-nourishing moisturizer. This DIY Facial Oil Moisturizer is non-greasy, yet it moisturizes deeply in your skin for glowing and clear skin.

Did you know you can make your own oil moisturizer with three ingredients? Using argan oil and essential oils. The best thing is that this oil moisturizes is lightweight and not greasy in the least bit. Even though it isn’t greasy, it offers really deep moisturizing for your skin. After using the Serum you have clear, glowing skin.
DIY 3 ingredients skin-nourishing moisturizer,
For a long time, I was using the wrong skincare products. I used oil stripping scrubs and creams, harsh toners. I thought all oil was bad, I was on a mission to remove all the oil from my skin, especially my skin.

Then after many years of skin issues, I actually started learning about our skin. Oil isn’t the enemy, in fact, our skin needs oil. Oil helps our skin to retain moisture, that’s why our skin absorbs it so much better than creams or lotions.

Finally, I decided to try oil as my moisturizer, not just any oil though. Argan Oil. It was amazing, I can not believe I wasted so much of my time on other skincare products. My skin is awesome! Gone is my dry skin. Using oil as my moisturizer actually has balanced my combination skin. My t-zone isn’t oily and my cheeks and chin are no longer dry!

So what’s the huge secret about DIY 3 ingredients skin-nourishing moisturizer.

Find the right oil carrier for your skin. So what is a carrier oil?
A carrier oil is a base oil. Many people then add essential oils to the base oil for customized skincare. Carrier oils are nut, vegetable, or flower-based. Some popular carrier oils are:

  • Apricot Kernel
  • Sweet Almond
  • Jojoba
  • Hemp seed
  • Rosehip
  • Sesame
  • Macadamia nut
  • Macadamia nut>
Each of these carrier oils has its own health benefits. My favorite carrier oil, that works the best for my skin is Argan oil. From the base oil, I then add other elements to create my custom facial moisturizer.
I am so happy with my skin and I really want to share my recipe with you.

How to make the DIY 3 ingredients skin-nourishing moisturizer

  • 2 oz. of Argan oil
  • 13-15 drops of Organic Frankincense oil
  • 10 drops of Organic Lavender oil
  • 5-10 drops of Organic Carrot Seed Oil
The Argan Oil is the base oil, you will add the other oils to the Argan oil.
Add the drops of Lavender oil, Carrot seed oil, and Frankincense oil. Shake well.
Use after washing your face. I only use about 3-6 drops of this serum to moisturize my skin!

Conclusion of DIY 3 ingredients skin-nourishing moisturizer

Now that you know the easy recipe let’s talk about the ingredients. First, notice that none of these ingredients are artificial.
Argan Oil is hand pressed from the fruit kernels of the Moroccan Argan Tree. This oil is rich in Vitamin E, carotenes, and essential fatty acids. It’s oil but your skin absorbs it really fast. This oil doesn’t feel oily! This oil is great for many skin types.

  • Frankincense Oil has been used since ancient times for healthy skin.
  • Lavender oil is great for people who spend a lot of time in the sun. (it is soothing to the skin) and also lavender is known to be great for inducing calmness and relaxation.
  • Carrot Seed Oil is added to the serum for natural sun protection.

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