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How to give your skin the best care

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How to give your skin the best care

How to give your skin the best care – step by step.

How to give your skin the best care hands 1The biggest organ in your body is your skin. Furthermore, the skin is the body’s “business card” to the outside world and it reflects your body’s overall health. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, daily skin care is important to keep the skin healthy and beautiful.
For some people, certain skin areas require a extra attention. This attention should be about care and chose the right skin care products and routines.

We may be influenced to choose care products without thinking about the quality and how to use skin care products. Also, a lot of skin care users around the world seems to be using skin care products the wrong way. A cream designed and produced for your feet, might not be good for the skin around your eyes. Just like skin care products for extremely dry skin will not give a positive effect, if you have dry skin.
Let’s take a look at the creme for your feet. This creme is formulated to help very hard and very thick skin and to penetrate the skin in a certain way. The skin around your eyes is very thin and very sensitive and require a more delicate creme.

Fact: The skin on your eyelids is only 0.02 mm thick, and the thinnest skin on your body
In addition, the skin will often be drier on the body, whereas the face is more likely to be greasy and sensitive. That is why creams for the face are typically less fatty compared to creams for the body.

It is quite a good idea to choose skin care products without perfumes, dyes or other undesirable substances.
Independent skincare advisors recommend that you replace products that are on the skin all day with perfume-free alternatives. If you like the perfume smell, they recommend putting or spraying perfume on the clothes instead of directly on the skin.

Read this guide to optimize your skin care routines and learn how to give your skin the best care.

Fact: The skin is the largest organ in your body!

The face – How to give your skin the best care

Your face is most likely the area you put most energy when it comes to skin care. You should definitely continue with that because the face is one of the most exposed skin areas on the body. Cold, heat and sun – and not least your makeup! – affects the skin and it will also change the structure with age. While we are young, the skin is fatty and thick, but as we grow older, the skin becomes thinner and much drier.

It is good for the face skin, that you usually treat it in the morning and evening to keep it healthy. First, moisturize your face with lukewarm water, massage a mild face wash into the skin with upward circling movements and rinse with water.

Choose a face cream for your skin type, and use it both on the face and on the neck. It’s easy to forget the neck because we focus so much on the face, but it’s on the neck, the first signs of age are seen. Gently drip an eye cream on the delicate skin around the eyes. The face has natural fatty content, so you should use a low-fatty face cream for your face.

It may be a good idea to lubricate your lips with a lip balm a few times a day as well.

Fact: The average person’s skin spans 21 square feet and weighs 9 pounds!

The hands – How to give your skin the best care

How to give your skin the best care handsYou may know the feeling of rough and wrinkled hands in the winter when the cold wind dries your skin. There is nothing worse than cracked and dry hands. You have might experience that hot water and basic soap do nothing good for the dry skin. We use our hands constantly and therefore we should take care of them in the best way.

Before you wash your hands, you should consider using an alcohol-based hand spray – with glycerin instead. This is much more gentle and careful to your hands than soap and water.
If your hands are dirty, wash them in lukewarm water and use a mild and opaque soap.

Perhaps you sometimes avoid hand cream when you sit at your Computer and keyboard because it’s greasy. A good tip is, to rub your hand back against each other to avoid greasy palms.

If you have very dry hands, lubricate them into a creamy cream in the evening and take a pair of cotton gloves overnight to keep the moisture in.

Fact: Your skin completely renews itself, every 28 days!

The feet – How to give your skin the best care

We use our feet very much and it strains the hard and thick skin we have on the soles of the feet. In the summer we walk barefoot around the garden, on the balcony, and on the beach. During the winter, we pack our feet in warm boots for hours every day.

It can be very annoying if the skin on the dry feet is itchy or hurts. But we have good news for you: in the bath, you can replace your soap with a bath oil. Also, it is advisable to take a foot bath a few times a week. Another idea is to “free” the stuffed feet a few times during the day or change shoes during the day.

Like your hands, you can lubricate the dry feet with a lotion and wear cotton socks overnight. It is good to use a cream containing carbamide that dissolves hard skin and a high-fatty face cream.

Fact: Every minute, your skin sheds about 30,000 dead cells!

The recipe for a good foot bath:

Fill a bowl of hot water, coarse salt, and bath oil
Leave the feet in the water for a maximum of 10 minutes
Use a pumice stone on the feet and wipe off the hard skin
Lubricate your feet into a high-fatty creme to your feet

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