Check out these 5 new Hair trends for 2019, Get the newest haircut before your neighbor 😉

5 big hair trends you MUST know in 2019

Will it still be curling, (more) buckles, braids or hair bands (hair scarves) that will dominate next year?
We guide you to next year’s very big hair trends.

Check out 5 big hair trends you MUST know in 2019

1. Wrap it up girls

Scarves and headbands have come to stay. A trend that not only gives a unique look but also a comfortable trend if you do not even wash your hair.
The hairdresser is classic and always returns to the fashions desk, decade after decade.

2. Classic but messy

A messy, low knoll, where a slight hair snaps over the face. A good soft look, which most wears. A super feminine, classic look that gets a twist with a total random touch.

3. Let your hair choose the direction

Are you listening to those who do anything to smooth the texture their hair? Spending hours with the iron in front of the mirror every day? Forget about it! In spring 2019 it is about embracing your natural fall in your hair. Air dry the hair so the locks like, your hair is living its own life.

4. The fifties look

NYFW Spring 2019, A’la Marc Jacobs Hairstylist Guido all paid homage to the fifties and coveted with coordinating over-the-top bouffants.
It could be Brigitte Bardot 1960s high hair fashion coming alive again after 60 years.
Brigitte Bardot must be the queen of hair fashion from the 1960’s to the 1970’s.

5. Hair covered by head wraps.

NYFW Spring 2019, A’la Tom Ford. His models’ hair was covered with neutral-colored head wraps. Tom Ford also seems to go back in time, with his head wrap covered hairs.
Again Brigitte Bardot is ahead of fashion, take a look – think this image is from the 1970’s!

5 big hair trends you MUST know in 2019

While taking a look at the NYFW Spring 2019, the hairstyle went back to last century, where men were masculine and women were feminine. Pure retro hair as our grandmothers – in the most perfect way.