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5 greatest benefits of coconut oil

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How well do you know Coconut oil? Can Coconut oil be used as fat burner?

5 greatest benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil is a blend of medium chained fatty acids that promote absorption of minerals in the body and also act as an antioxidant. It is also known as the “superfood” as it has miraculous health benefits some of which involve fat loss and enhanced brain functionality.
This oil contains medium chained triglycerides (MCT) i.e. these fatty acids are shorter and are easily metabolized. Hence, becoming a quick path to provide energy in the body.

These kinds of fatty acids are really well for our body as these are healthy saturated fats. They increase the amount of good High-Density Cholesterol in our blood which is basically the “good cholesterol” for the human body.
Coconut oil has many uses out of which the five greatest ones are described below:

1. Coconut as fat burner

Coconut oil is the best fat burner. This is the best and natural thing to treat obesity. Some people believe that obesity occurs due to a gain of calories but the important thing to ponder is that where do these calories come from?
Different kinds of food affect differently when metabolized by the body. They affect the hormones as well in altered ways which can lead to obesity. So, controlling the diet and using coconut oil to burn excess fats is the best way to live a healthy life.

2. Use Coconut oil as skin moisturizer

Coconut oil is used as a skin moisturizer because it contains a rich amount of vitamin E and also acts as an antioxidant for the body. It can reduce the harmful skin cells and give your skin a natural glowing shine that will be permanent. Its antimicrobial properties will decrease acne, psoriasis and other skin related diseases.

3. Get energy from Coconut oil.

The medium chained triglycerides in this miraculous oil is a provider of energy, apart from glucose. It serves as a secondary fuel source that promotes the brain function as well as the nervous system. It also helps improve Alzheimer’s and its symptoms hence the best therapeutic benefits for the patients suffering from memory disorders.

4. Kill bacterias with Coconut oil

It is a surprising fact but coconut oil kills harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses as well. It contains lauric acid containing 12 carbons and is a fatty acid. Another substance named monolaurin is formed by the digestion of lauric acid and both of these substances benefit in the killing of pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Researchers say that coconut oil is able to kill Staphylococcus aureus and yeast Candida albicans which is one of the common ones in human beings.

5. Reduce seizures with Coconut oil.

The fatty acids in coconuts might reduce seizures. Coconut oil treats drug-resistant epilepsy in children and has the greatest therapeutic application in this regard. Scientists have done various researches and have come to the result that few carbohydrates and the fatty acids in coconut oil definitely do reduce the episodes of seizures and improve it as well in epileptic children.
Coconut oil has many benefits and does wonders so it should be incorporated into our daily lives.

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