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Fats and all you need to know about fats

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Fats and all you need to know about fats

Is fats good or bad? What do fats do to our body?

Fats and all you need to know about fats – What is Fat Exactly?

The food that we eat in our daily life is categorized into three main groups: Fats, Carbohydrates, and Proteins. Among them, Fat is the main source that is used as a fuel and energy in the body. Other than this function, fat is also needed to maintain a healthy body.
Without fat, we can’t maintain a healthy body BUT, you have to make sure that the types of fats you are taking are healthier for your body.
Examples of foods that are rich in Fats are Meat, fish, butter, dairy products etc.
Fats and all you need to know about fats – Importance of Fat:
No health if there is no intake of Fat!! It is a very important component of our body without which we cannot maintain a healthy life. If you want to have a healthy body, you should have a proper intake of protein.
With a healthy body, everyone wants to have a healthy skin. Fat is very important to give you a beautiful skin. Moreover, it plays an important role in the structure of the cell membrane.

1 gram of fat contains 9 kcal – more than twice the calories of 1 gram of carbohydrate

Fats and all you need to know about fats – Types Of Fats

Following are types of Fat:

  • Unsaturated Fats: The Fats which are liquid at room temperature are the most important Fats. Unsaturated fats play an important role to improve blood cholesterol levels. It maintains a healthier heart by balancing its level, reduce inflammation etc. Foods that contain unsaturated fats are nuts and seeds.
    Unsaturated fats are further divided into Mono-saturated fats (Found in Olive, Avocados, and Almonds etc) and Poly-saturated fats (Rich in Walnuts, Fish, Sunflower oil etc).
  • Saturated Fats: We can say that ‘’Saturated Fats’’ are ‘’Bad’’ fat which are found in many foods such as meat and dairy products. They are also found in cupcakes, pizza etc. They are also found in coconut and palm oil. Many coronary heart diseases are because of the high intake of bad fats.
Fats and all you need to know about fats – Food rich in fats

If your body is in bad need of fats, following are the list of food high in fats. You can add them to your diet to maintain the level of Fats.

  • Avocados: Most of the fruits contain carbohydrates but the case with Avocados is different. Avocados are highly rich in fats, not carbs.
  • Cheese: Cheese is highly rich in fats. You can assume from the fact that making one slice of cheese consumes a full cup of milk.
  • Dark Chocolates: If you are in severe need of Fats, you should go for a Dark chocolate which contains 65% of calories.
  • Whole Eggs: Most of the people avoid whole eggs because of the level of fats. They are high in a fat that’s why people usually avoid it but if you want fats, you should eat more whole eggs.
  • Fatty Fish: Fish such as trout, herring and salmon are rich fatty food that you should include in your diet. They contain more fats but are considered healthy food.
Fats and all you need to know about fats – Food Low in Fats

If you want components other than Fats you should go for the following food in your diet.

  • Meat/ Fish/ Poultry: They can be egg whites, white fish, Crab, light tuna, chicken, Moreover, beans and lentils rich in protein lack fats.
  • Cereals/ Grains/ Pastas: They include cold cereals and the hot ones. You can also go for rice and noodles. Moreover, pita bread and English muffins will also work.
  • Fruits/ Vegetables: Mostly, all the fruits and vegetables are low in fats, so you don’t need to be choosy in the case of fruits and vegetables.
The average American eats 152 pounds of sugar every year

Fats and all you need to know about fats – Weight Loss and health

Are fats important in Weight Loss?

Many people think that fat is the only enemy that makes you obese. They think that eating more fats will make you fat but now it is believed that choosing the right type of fats in the right amount will help you a lot to lose weight.
You have to check that which food that contains fats is really helpful in your weight loss. After that, you need to know about the quantity that what amount you need to take them to get your dream shape.

Too much or Less Fat can make you Sick

Taking the right proportion of every component is very important because taking too much or taking much less of any component will make your health worst. Same is the case with fats, if you take too many fats you will become obese and if you take very less, your body will become weak.
Taking too much will create many heart problems and if you take very less, your skin will lose elasticity and the structure of cell membrane will be damaged.
Eating too much fat along with heart risk causes prostrate, breast cancer.

Your brain is about 60 percent fat

Fats and all you need to know about fats – Conclusion

Eating too much or fewer fats will cause health problems. The former will cause heart risk while the later will cause weakness, skin problems etc. It is highly recommended to take the fats in its right proportion which means not that much and not very less.
Especially in the western world, we see health problems caused by fats and sugar intake. One of the worst countries is the USA, where estimated 160 million people are either obese or overweight. Nearly 75% of all American men and more than 60% of all American women are obese or overweight. These health problems are often adapted to the children, so about 30% of boys and girls under the age of 20 are either obese or overweight. Back in 1980 only 19% of American boys and girls were either obese or overweight.

Almost 3 in 4 men in US (73.7 percent) were considered to be overweight or have obesity

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