Have you ever had ichi butt pimples? then find out how to get rid of them.

Butt pimples - how to get rid of
Butt pimples – how to get rid of them

Have you ever had pimples on your butt? One thing is having pimples in your face, which can be quite frustrating. Another thing is to have pimples on your butt – that is frustrating and irritating as well!
Butt pimples - how to get rid of themThese pimples look like acne but you have to treat them differently.

All pimples are irritating, but when swim season is coming, then you definitely want to be free of butt pimples.
Keep reading to understand how you get a pimple-free butt fast and how to treat the little monsters.

Butt pimples – how to get rid of them

1. Butt acne develops from an infected hair follicle.

Your skin is full of dead skin cells, dirty oil, and salty sweat that can clog your pores. This type of infections is acne and “normal” pimples that pop up in your face.
The butt pimples are developed by bacteria or fungus infection in the hair follicle. This infection is called “Folliculitis” and may result in many small reds and Ichi shallow bumps on your backside.

2. Join a hot shower right after gym or exercise.

Right after the gym or exercise, you should take a hot shower. Dont sit and enjoy a mokka or a cup of coffee or wait too long. If you wait, your skin will be dirty and sweat will start to attack the hair follicle as pores are open.
The best thing you can do after gym or exercise is to take a shower, and maybe even use a loofah or body brush to remove dead skin cells.
Try to end the shower with 2 sec of cold water, so your skin pores close.

3. Dont try to pop the butt pimples.

You might know that face pimples or acne should not be popped, neither should butt pimples. If you start to pop the butt pimples, you will make things much worse. Especially your skin will not like you.
As a finger role, you should never pop or scratch pimples or acne or anything else on your skin. Your skin will take care of it eventually, but if you can wait, then you need to buy skin care products.

4. Dirty, hot, sweaty clothes are the devils.

Hot and sweaty clothing is heaven for yeast and bacteria, so your clothes are bacteria bombs. Change the sweaty trousers and change your underwear as well.
Butt pimples - how to get rid of themIt is typically the clothing you have closest to your skin, that produce the bacterias. It could be your underwear or if you use G-string, then other clothing that touches your butt should be dry.
Especially tight clothing and clothing that touches your butt are the source of bacteria bombs.

If you spend time in the gym, then try to pay attention to the sports equipment that is touching your butt.
A few types of equipment that touch you can be the:
– seat from the spinning cycle
– seat of the rowing machine
– exercise ball
– training bench
– yoga mat
– the chair you use between exercises

All these equipment are full of bacterias, ready to jump your butt.
Do your self a favor and use a disinfecting wipe on all gym equipment before using them.
I bet you always clean the gym equipment after use, but do you clean them before use as well? I dont think you do 🙂
Consider picking up some disinfecting wipes.

5. Wear loose clothes.

Dont wear anything tight as the constant friction will irritate the skin and open up for bacteria attacks.

6. Use a pimple or acne skin care products.

Normally butt pimples will disappear automatically. But if you dont have time to wait for that, you might try some anti-pimple products.
Some pimple and skin care experts advise using a cleanser that contains benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide will kill the bacterias that cause the butt pimples.