CBD oil is gradually becoming a potential key in combating chronic pain. But, because of the stigma around it, more knowledge is needed in light of whether it should be used or not.

The meaning of CBD and helpful for CBD pain relief

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is gotten from the hemp plant. There are different types of cannabis Sativa – like, Marijuana and hemp – and they all have different chemical compound levels. CBD pain relief products very popular nowadays for pain relief.

If intending to use CBD pain relief products or any CBD-based products, please consult with a doctor, and follow their advice.

The way a plant is bred can have an effect on its CBD levels. Industrial hemp contains more CBD content compared to Marijuana, so most CBD oil is gotten from it. The extraction methods of the compound vary widely, depending on the maker. The extract will then be mixed with a carrier oil, giving us CBD oil.

This oil is being used by some, reportedly, to get ease from anxiety, mental distress, insomnia, and pain.

CBD oil is not widely used, and there is almost no proof from people of its benefits. As a result, there is a lot of stigma surrounding it. There are also legal restraints based on the usage and study of cannabis.

However, in some parts of the world, cannabis is gradually becoming legal, and so study on it is rapidly increasing, revealing excellent results.

Now, we will see how CBD functions and how it’s used to ease serious pains.


As mentioned earlier, CBD and THC are in total contrast with each other, and CBD’s impacts are extremely intricate. CBD cannot make one “high,” nor will it damage one’s bodily functions, but it will, however, allow the human body to make use of its own endocannabinoids in a more effective way.

CBD affects a whole lot of other receptors in the human body, including the ECS, along with foreign cannabinoids. This is in accordance with a 2015 study published in Neurotherapeutics.

In addition, CBD has the ability to raise the amount of anandamide in the body, a compound connected with pain awareness, and enhances mood.

People who are suffering from serious pain, sleeping disorders, along with some ways our immune system responds, may benefit from Cannabidiol as it reduces inflammation both in the nervous system and brain.

If intending to use CBD pain relief products or any CBD-based products, please consult with a doctor, and follow their advice.


In accordance with the NCCIH, there is evidence that implies that CBD may contain positive benefits for serious pain.

Although CBD seems promising for easing pain, there is not enough proof to validate that claim. So it has not yet been approved for relieving pain.

A recent study shows that CBD may contain benefits for easing serious pain, enhancing sleep, and decreasing inflammation. But these are specified to a condition. Therefore, more proof is necessary to ensure the therapeutic promise of Cannabidiol and also to be certain of its harmless and effective dosage as regards pain.

According to recent research, CBD could be of huge benefit to treating these conditions:

Multiple Sclerosis:

This is an autoimmune condition that has an adverse reaction on the whole body, through our brain and nerves.

A very popular and obvious sign of MS is strong muscle spasms that can cause undeniable pain in individuals.

A source showed that using CBD oil for a short period of time could decrease the severity and frequency of the muscle spasms that a person might feel. The results aren’t a lot to go by, and more research on humans will be necessary for further confirmation.

Neuropathic pain:

this is a result of harm done to the nervous system, and it’s mostly located in infections like shingles, diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, and injuries like herniated discs.

Looking at 11trials that were done randomly and controlled with over 1,219 patients, research done in 2017 showed that CBD did help with chronic neuropathic pain in people.

However, more recent research done in 2018 showed that there were more harms than benefits of cannabis-developed drugs as well as CBD for serious neuropathic pain. The research did look into 15 studies with 1,750 subjects.

A lot more study is necessary to be more certain of the benefits of Cannabidiol in severe neuropathic pain.

Chronic pain:

Various researches imply that CBD can decrease inflammation and pain, proving. It to be an excellent remedy for severe pain in seniors.

Research also showed that individuals who used CBD to treat the pain. The pain were not expected to develop a resistance to its effect. So the dosage would not have to be changed time after time.

They pointed out that cannabinoids like CBD could be helpful for those suffering from chronic pain.

Arthritis pain:

research done in 2016 tested CBD on rats to know whether it could help with arthritis. The research had positive results as a noticeable reduction in inflammation and symptoms of pain occurred, with no mention of side effects.

CBD oil could be a good remedy for arthritis. But more research on humans needs to be carried out for further confirmation.

Additional Uses

Aside from those mentioned above, CBD is a promising help to these cases:

  • Dealing with drug withdrawals.
  • Decreasing a few symptoms of Alzheimer’s diseases.
  • Smoke quitting.
  • Fighting cancer and Type one diabetes.
  • Decreasing antipsychotic effects in people who have schizophrenia.
  • Curing epilepsy and seizures.

CBD oil is proving to be a promising and widely used treatment. But more study is needed in order to confirm its effects.

The only CBD product that has been approved by the FDA is called Epidolex. It is used to remedy a couple of rare types of epilepsy. Also seizures that are being caused by tuberculosis Sclerosis complex.

On a general note, the uses of CBD products aren’t legal federally, but they are in some states.

Individuals should confirm their state laws or the laws of wherever they may travel to. Also, be sure to know that the Food and Drug Administration has not approved CBD products. That is not prescribed, so labeling may be incorrect.

If intending to use CBD pain relief products or any CBD-based products, please consult with a doctor, and follow their advice.


CBD has not been approved, nor is it in wide circulation for a lot of conditions. The only form that has been approved is Epidolex which is a pure type of CBD.

If intending to use this product or any CBD product at all. So, individuals should consult a doctor and follow their advice on doses.


Based on trusted research, CBD is proving. That it could be of great help in combating serious pain and other acute diseases.

However, more study is needed to be sure of its benefits, especially to humans.

If intending to use CBD pain relief products or any CBD-based products. Please consult with a doctor, and follow their advice.