Why use Organic Oil without Additives and Perfumes

Essential oils from which skincare oils are derived have a long history dating back almost 6000 years back.
The history is one of a kind, from the use of fragrant oils, resins, and gums in worship practices to the practice of embalming the body of loved ones at the time of their deaths.
The burning and smudging of incense using resins and gum was accompanied by some of the earliest uses of essential oils.

Why use Organic Oil without Additives and Perfumes
Some of the common herbs and oil used were cardamom, cinnamon, frankincense, juniper, myrrh, pine, rose, and rosemary.
However, with advancements in the technological field, essential oils based purely on chemical components can be created and used as a substitute or an additive in the making of skincare oils.
The use of these additives and perfumes has raised some rather unique health concerns.

Essential oils refer to a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile chemical compounds from plants.
In contrast, organic oil refers to oil produced by plants, animals, and other organisms in remarkable diversity through natural metabolic processes.
Additives and perfumes are chemical compounds that are added to skincare oils to produce a specific property.

The use of synthetic chemical compounds in the preparation of skincare oil has become the largest cause of cosmetic contact dermatitis. Therefore, making Additives the most common cause of allergic reactions due to the wide array of chemical compounds.

Most of the ingredients used as additives or perfumes are toxic.
Most of them have been linked to cancer, ADHD, asthma, infertility, hormone issues, neurodevelopment and behavioral conditions, and autism.
The lack of transparency by packaging companies contributes to the confusion. That is why the only safe way out of it is to use skincare oil free from additives and perfume.

People with sensitive skin are more prone to flare-ups caused by skincare oil containing additives and perfuming. This is resulting in an itchy, burning, or tingling sensation when the products are applied to their skin.
With the fact that skincare oils that contain additives and perfume are complex and some of the ingredients used in its making is toxic. It is only fair that you stick to skincare oils that are free from those additives and perfume since your health is much more priority than the oils that contain additives.

Even though additives and perfume give a luxury look to skincare oil, it not all good. Additives also contain toxic ingredients responsible for damaging the skin and causing serious health-related issues.
Having used skincare oil free from additives and perfumes, I can proudly suggest you try the same. It comes with great benefits instead of skincare oils containing additives and perfumes.

So Why use Organic Oil without Additives and Perfumes – some advantages.

The use of additive and perfume-free organic oil in making skincare oil comes with tremendous benefits instead of skincare oil containing additives and perfumes.
Even for those with organic oily or hybrid skin, moisturizing is an important aspect of any skincare routine. Many natural oils, such as coconut oil, have been shown to hydrate parched skin and slow certain signs of aging. Oils are distinct from lotions, and you can find that these oils improve the appearance and feel of your skin.

Some of the benefits include the following;

• As an emollient; Organic oil free from additives and perfumes means that the skincare oil contains no synthetic chemical components; therefore, the oil smooths softens, and protects the skin.
• As a respiratory tonic, I have used skincare oils that are free from perfume and additives, and its capability in terms of strengthening the respiratory system is unmatchable.
• As a wound healer; Having used skincare oil by administering or applying the oil on a wound and having witnessed how my skin or body tissue repairs itself and faster compared with the use of skincare oil containing additives or perfumes.
• As a rubefacient, I like the fact that skincare oil free from additives and perfumes; when applied to any particular part of the body, it increases blood circulation, thus relieving tension and anxiety.
• As a cicatrizant; Due to the absence of chemical components, the skincare oil can nourish the skin, thus facilitating the cell regenerative power of the skin and healing scars.
• As a circulatory stimulant, skincare oil free from additives and perfumes is efficient and effective such that its capability of improving blood flow through the body tissue is amazing.
• As an anti-rheumatic; additive, and perfume-free skincare oil contains properties capable of preventing and relieving rheumatic pain and swelling.
• As a diaphoretic, of the different properties that skincare oil free from additives and perfume, it exhibits the one I like is the ability to cause perspiration and increasing its elimination through the skin.
• As a bactericidal, skincare oil, free from additives, is more efficient and effective as a disinfectant than when it contains additives and perfume.
• As a decongestant, if you get the flu and your nose happens to decongest, the only effective and efficient thing to do is make use of skincare oil free from additives capable of reducing nasal mucus production and swelling.

Why use Organic Oil without Additives and Perfumes – some Disadvantages.

The only disadvantage to using organic oils without additives and perfumes is the perception of luxury that comes with a certain kind of color or smell.
The change in color or the smell is a result of the introduction of additives or perfumes.
These issues contain chemical components that are synthetic in nature which means that it is harmful.

Additives and perfume are chemical components that add no value except the perception of luxury, which is just fantasy.
The extent of damage caused by chemical components is unfathomable, from itching and drying the skin to cancer-related issues.

Therefore, the use of additives and perfumes in organic oil is somehow dangerous and unnecessary.
It’s not a must for you to use skincare oils containing additives and perfumes.

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