DIY Serum Recipe for Vibrant Hair and how to Use Argan Oil for skin and hair

DIY Serum Recipe for Vibrant Hair

DIY Serum Recipe for Vibrant Hair and how to Use Argan Oil

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I spend a lot of time outside. I love hiking all the different trails, around lakes, and mountains in this area. Wonderful experiences outdoors aren’t always so great on my skin and hair.

Outdoor activities and weather elements can take a real toll on the skin.
Argan oil is a wonderful way for me to nourish my dry dull skin and hair.
Organic Argan oil is good for me and better for the planet.

Where does Argan Oil come from?
So what exactly is Argan oil? And why is everyone talking about it? Argan Oil comes from the nuts of Argans trees, the scientific name is Argania Spinosa.
This tree native to Morocco.
These trees are really important resources to Southwest Morocco.
The trees live for a very long time, and since the oil is pressed from the nuts of the trees, the oil is a renewable resource!
Providing jobs for the local people in their communities, and no harm to the trees. It’s a win for everyone, especially for the consumers who use Argan Oil on their skin and hair.

Mountain Rose Herbs Sources certified organic Argan oil, made in a women’s co-op in Southern Morocco. This co-op is registered as UNESCO Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve (1)(2). This reserve also serves as a research and environmental center and is a place where the environment and studies can be conducted. This center also tries to promote the socioeconomic development of local communities but in a responsible environmentally safe way.

How is Argan Oil Made?

This oil is made by hand, still using a traditional method, which is processed in many small batches. When the Arogan nuts drop, the community hand picks them off of the ground. The nuts are then dried in the sun. After they are dried out, the women of the Co-op crack the nuts and obtain the center kernel. Argan nuts look a lot like Almonds.

The raw Kernels are cold-pressed and then filtered to remove any bits of the kernel from the oil. Finished, hand-pressed Argan oil is a very light yellow, with a soft texture, and a fine fragrance.
Hand with dropper squeezing argan oil serum into the hand.

How to Use Argan Oil
Argan oil is the premier choice for all fine skin care needs. It is a “dry” oil, which means it is non-greasy and absorbs quickly, visibly brightening and softening the skin. A few drops of the oil are a lavish treat for skin and hair when applied topically, creating a radiant and gentle glow. I like to massage two to three drops of argan oil on my face in lieu of a night cream.

This oil is wonderful for the skin! It’s called a dry oil. This basically means that dries quickly on the skin and it not greasy at all! From the first time you apply Argan Oil, you can see the difference. Your skin begins to brighten and is softer immediately.

Lavish Skin Treatment:
Apply 2 to 3 drops of Argan oil to your skin nightly, instead of a heavier night cream.

Hair Serum
This serum (is a concentrated product) helps to keep moisturize your hair.

2 oz. organic argan oil
12 drops organic lavender essential oil
6 drops organic rosemary essential oil
6 drops organic basil essential oil
Pour argan oil into a 2 oz. dropper bottle (For pouring ease you a funnel)
Add the essential oils.
Put on the dropper top and then shake well.
Shake your dropper every time before using the Serum.

Note: Don’t use more than 2% dilution of essential oils

Apply several drops to the ends of your hair. Do this before bed at night. Then enjoy your softer, shinier hair when you wake in the morning.

Conclusion and links for DIY Serum Recipe for Vibrant Hair

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