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Tour Guide to Atarazanas Market

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YOu are looking for Tour Guide to Atarazanas Market. So, I will Guide to Atarazanas Malaga Market. Malaga is one of the cities that you would like to visit, and if you ever visit this city, you would also love to go to the Atarazanas food market. Apart from the main building, there are other amazing things that you can see in this market, including the mouth-watering seasonal, local treasures as well as the sellers. You are not just going to this market to look, but to savor!

Tour Guide to Atarazanas Market

If you are planning to go to Atarazanas and you do not know where to start from, or you do not know anything about the market, then you are on the right page. In this article, we will provide you with a tour guide to Atarazanas Market.

Important tour guide to Atarazanas Market

  1. The market’s surprising history

This is the first thing that we are going to talk about. You may be surprised to hear that the building where this market is situated was not built to be used as a market. It was formerly a shipyard that originates from the Arabians. The market was in the Nasrid-epoch period that it was built. It has undergone several adaptations over the years, and it was also used as a military hospital and barracks. The market was then installed in the building sometime around the 19th (nineteenth) century. This happened after there was a restoration. To cut the story short, the market has a unique and exciting setting.

  1. The market departments as well as its stands

Not only does the market has a variety of architectural styles, but it is also well organized. The market has three departments, which are meat, fish, and vegetables, and fruits. There is nothing like neither swapping nor mixing. You will find everything neatly decorated and placed on the stands.

You can actually get the kind of stand that they have. One effective way is to marry a stallholder in the market, and you would have the chance to enjoy the Atarazanas market always. This is because they are normally being passed from generation to generation. This is a real family business.

  1. Nice seasonal products

You will find almost all kinds of products in this market, such as products from Andalucía, Spain, and also regional delicacies that you may have never come across or tried. Some examples are the medlar/loquat fruit or nispero – a kind of orange fruit that is gotten around May, custard apples or cherimoyas in autumn, the purple-colored mora carrot gotten in December, Brevas – a sweet fig seen in June, the madronos, prickly pear, or Trigueros asparagus. Just immerse yourself in this market and observe all those products that you are not familiar with. You can still buy and taste them if you wish.

Tour Guide to Atarazanas Market

  1. What should you see and taste?

We have mentioned that Atarazanas has several delicious seasonal, local vegetables and fruits. You also need to try out boquerones en Vinagre in the market’s fish department as well as the other traditional lards that are in the meat department. You will have the chance to taste chicharrones or zurrapa. Another thing that you can enjoy is goat cheese, especially the one that is prepared with milk from Cabra Malaguena goat.


  1. Refreshing drinks to enjoy

We all need to keep ourselves hydrated at all times. You can refresh yourself with some cool smoothies. There are tasty ones for you to try out in the vegetables and fruits department. These drinks are more than just juices. If you have any problem choosing a drink for yourself, then you can go for what Alfonso, the owner of the business, recommends.

  1. Have a great bite

After dinking, you certainly deserve to get a bite. You cannot just leave after drinking without taking a tapa. Just head to the market’s meat department and try out some Spanish bites.

You can still eat some delicious snacks, and probably, another drink. If you want to enjoy local treats in this market, head to Bar Atarazanas. Here is where different delicacies, including daily kinds of seafood, are prepared.

  1. Exotic destinations to visit in Atarazanas

In the Atarazanas market, there is a stand that can transport an individual to the period when exotic and exquisite goods were brought by merchants after they returned from their world tour. Pertaining to the cuisine, it resulted that the Mediterranean and Asian have many similarities. An example is making use of condiments, vegetables, and fish.

Some amazing products that you can get from Salome Antonio’s stand are dragon fruit, carambola, Mexican tomato, sea asparagus, okra, Guanabana, turmeric, different kinds of tubers, and a variety of mushrooms. Even if he does not have the particular product you want to buy at that moment, relax because he will help you to get it. Coming here will also allow you to meet Malaga’s most promising and adventurous chefs.

  1. Life outside Atarazanas market

Atarazanas is known to be a market that offers its customers great products. But, this market adds life to the entire neighborhood. In the surroundings of this market, you will find ultramarines, cafés, and bakeries. Yeah, you guessed right; it is just food. As soon as you arrive at the market, you will find the Paco Jose candy store where caramelized nuts and chips are being elaborated since the early 60s, the El Colmenero bakery that produces its whole goods in Alhaurin, small coffee bars, organic shops, and more. There are also local stores where you can buy seeds to grow your vegetable garden.

  1. Opening hours

All visitors can visit this market from 8 am to 3 pm (Mondays to Saturdays). The closing hours depend on each stallholder as they usually close their shops whenever they have sold out their whole products. So, it is better to go there very early so that you will still meet the stallholders.

You should know that the market’s fish department does not open on Mondays because they would not have fresh fish as there is no fishing on Sunday. But, from the next day (Tuesday), you will be delighted to hear the different voices and see various colors that fill the entire opera house, calling out to people to patronize them and buy fresh fish.


This market is somewhere that you would like to be. With this tour guide to Atarazanas market, your trip to Malaga will be an enjoyable and memorable one.

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