Many people view Malaga just like an airport city. Meanwhile, it is more than that. If you listen to many other people, they might also tell you that this city does not have enough interesting things that you can do and see. Well, there are actually several things that you can do and see in Malaga, ranging from wonderful/historic markets, interesting museums, and delicious food. You will surely see surprising things. This article contains a tour guide to Malaga so that you can know to include this city in your list of vacation destinations and which thing and place you must be seen in Malaga like plaza de la constitución.

Tour guide to Malaga: Important Things to be seen in Malaga

  • The Cathedral

One of the main sights that you can see in Malaga is the cathedral which has an interesting history. When Moorish was ruling, a mosque was built on that same site where the cathedral is, but in 1487 when Malaga began to be ruled by Christians, they eradicated the mosque. Then, they began to build their cathedral immediately.

It took more than 250 years to complete the construction of the cathedral, and it comes 2nd in the list of the largest cathedrals in Andalusia. You might be surprised to know that the 2nd tower has not still be completed even with the number of years that was used in building it. This has made people nickname the place “La Manquita,” which means “the woman with one hand.”

  • The Alcazaba

The Moorish rule lasted for quite some time in Malaga, and that is why the top monuments and sights of the city are dated back to the Moorish time. The Alcazaba is the most exciting of them. It is located in the center of the city, and it is one of the amazing buildings that you would not want to miss when you come to Malaga. Here is where you will see beautiful orange trees, spectacular Arabic architecture, and attractive floral patios. One great thing about this place is that you just need to pay a ticket price of €2.30 to enter. So, it is worth visiting.

  • The Roman Theater

The Roman Theater in Malaga has its history from the 1st century even though it was discovered sometime in the year 1950. There was once a time when white marble covered the theater, and pillars and columns surrounded it. But, the Moors scavenged plenty of the material to build the Alcazaba. This Roman Theater is now an amazing monument for anyone to visit for free. You and your family can make yourselves feel like real Romans when you go inside, or you can also walk around to see every corner of the theater. Musical concerts or plays are always being held here, so it would be better to keep yourself updated when you visit.

  • Plaza de la Merced

When you come to this square, something is always happening. You will see people taking their dogs for a walk, a small-sized pop-up market, and even children playing outside. In fact, many malagueños have made this venue to be their meeting point. Fans of Pablo Picasso also make it a routine to visit this spot. The plaza is the location of Pablo Picasso’s birth house, and you will find his statue right in front of the plaza.

  • Picasso Museum

In this tour guide to Malaga Old Town, we will not miss out on Picasso Museum. This is one of the places that you would enjoy visiting on your trip to Malaga. Just pay a sum of €7, and you will find three floors that are packed with pieces that date back to Pablo Picasso’s formative years. At this museum, you will also learn several things about the life and history of Picasso.  There is an audio guide on the entrance ticket that you bought which will help you understand the man better. You might not see any art in this museum’s basement, but you will see some amazing ancient ruins. This attraction should be on the list of your next family vacation.

  • Gibralfaro Castle

This castle also makes our list of the top places to visit in Malaga. At Gibralfro Castle, you will definitely find stunning views. The Moors built this castle for defense, making it the city’s prime location. When you climb up the defense walls, you will enjoy fascinating scenery. You can still refresh your memory about how this castle looked when it was initially built by entering the small museum where you will find the armors and weapons that were used by the soldiers during battle. While you are climbing to Gibralfaro, you will reach a stunning viewpoint where you can stay and take jaw-dropping pictures.

  • Plaza de la Constitución

This central square is where the heart of Malaga lies. Palm trees and grand building surrounds the beautiful plaza de la Constitución. At the square’s edge, you will see colossal newspapers that are directly printed to the ground. These papers were printed exactly on the 1st day of Spanish democracy. This is the reason why this square bears its name today. It is actually a nice place that you can visit with your family.

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  • Malaga Park

Malaga Park is a great place to visit for anyone that wants to cool off and relax a bit. Here, you will see several kinds of trees and plants from all parts of the world. You will also see different benches where you can sit down, relax, and cool yourself down, especially during summer. There are also several fountains in this botanical garden.

  • Muelle Uno

One of the cities in the world that is quickly evolving is Malaga. There was an addition to the top things that people can do in this city, and it is the newly revitalized pot area. There are so many things that you can do in this area, such as shopping at any of the hip stores, enjoying an amazing view, or going to one of the great restaurants. If you love art, then you can just go to the city’s Pompidou Centre. The exterior of this Pompidou is brightly colored so that you can enjoy your stay there.


With this guide, you can see that Malaga is a city to be enjoyed. When planning your next trip, make this city one of your destinations, and you will certainly enjoy your vacation.