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Tour guide skiing Sierra Nevada Ski resort, Costa del sol

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Tour guide skiing in Sierra Nevada, Costa del sol, Want to go skiing Costa del Sol? Why not try Skiing in Sierra Nevada Ski resort, skiing spain.

Want to go skiing in Spain? Visit Sierra Nevada

Tour guide skiing Sierra Nevada Ski resort, Skiing Costa del sol

If you think of skinng costa del sol, skiing Sierra Nevada Ski resort or different activities in the mountains are not the first thing that comes to mind. Of course, thanks to its name, the region is famous for its beaches and coastal region. Nevertheless, Costa Del Sol is actually a great place for mountain activities such as skiing Costa Del Sol.

This is one of the things that makes skiing Costa del Sol a unique place in the world.
You can enjoy a morning walking the beach and spend the afternoon skiing in the fascinating mountains of the area.

Here I will tell you a little about the different activities you can do in the mountains of the area, obviously focusing mainly on the sky in the snow.

All roads lead to Sierra Nevada

Tour guide skiing Sierra Nevada, Costa del sol, Tour guide Sierra Nevada
The Sierra Nevada is the favorite place for all locals and tourists when deciding where to ski in Spain. And it is not only chosen by fans but also in this place, different editions of the Alpine Skiing World Cup were held.
Even the International Federation of University Sports pointed out that this is an optimal and ideal place to carry out interdisciplinary competitions at the university level.

The Sierra Nevada Ski and Mountain Resort is located in the Sierra Nevada National Park. Years back, the area was known as the Solynieve Ski Resort, which is no longer in use.

However, its previous name was very appropriate since “Sol y Nieve” means Sun and snow in English. Without a doubt, it characterizes the area very well. You can be enjoying a sunny day on the beach of Costa del Sol and then go up the mountain to be in contact with the snow.

Another factor that makes it one of the most popular in Spain is related to its physical and geographical characteristics. First of all, this is the southernmost ski slope in Europe and the highest in Spain. This makes it more than suitable for skiing, due to the good weather.

Second, something that makes it unique is the views you have once you reach the top.
As I mentioned previously, it is relatively close to the coast, only 150 km from Malaga.
Undoubtedly it is a wonderful sight where the frozen landscape of the mountain contrasts with the almost summer image of the beach.

Snow Activities for skiing costa del sol

Now, I’m going to talk to you about the different activities you can do in the snow during the winter.
Although skiing stands out, there are still other entertaining activities for you to enjoy.
In total, there are four official ski clubs that you can find in Sierra Nevada.
The Clubs are;

  • Club de Esquí La General Sierra Nevada,
  • A Club de Esquí Caja Rural,
  • Club de Esquí y Snowboard Surfin Sierra Nevada, and
  •  The Club de Esquí y Snowboard Surfin.

If you are in Costa del Sol, travel agencies will try to sell you activities in the mountains. That is common in Costa Del Sol.

The main activities to do during the winter, and the most common, are skiing, snowboarding, or even enjoying a sleigh ride pulled by Nordic dogs. This last activity will undoubtedly make you feel that you are a character from Game of Thrones. Or make you feel from any fantasy film since it feels as if you have traveled in time.

Among the activities, one of my favorites is the night experiences. Experiences where ski and snowboarders can enjoy a fantastic night at “night slopes.” This is ideal for night owls and who prefer to do activities at night than during the day. It is also highly recommended if you stay in one of the old towns of Costa del Sol and miss the nightlife.

Snow activities for the little ones skiing Sierre Nevada

Tour guide skiing Sierra Nevada, Costa del sol, Tour guide Sierra Nevada

Want to go skiing in Costa del Sol, the consider skiing Sierra Nevada

If you plan a family vacation, you may be a little scared of all the skiing in the mountains. Especially because whether we like it or not is a dangerous sport. Fortunately, most ski resorts or clubs offer numerous activities for the whole family or children.

One of these activities is El Mirlo Blanco (The White Blackbird). The Mirlo Blanco activity park is designed so that the whole family can enjoy the snow, whether doing sky activities adapted to children or other types of games. The star attraction is without any doubt a Russian Sled that makes you fly over the snow. This attraction consists of a roller coaster in the snow made up of rails and sleds, where the track has dozens of banked curves, speed bumps, and straights, which will make the adrenaline rise even to the grown-ups.

Final Recommendations for skiing Spain

When planning for skiing in Spain and Costa del Sol, then you should consider Skiing Sierra Nevada. Even during the day-to-day that you are in Costa del Sol, you should keep in mind to be aware of the daily weather conditions to know if it is convenient for you to go skiing. Or not.
Obviously, professionals tend to ignore this, but if you go as a tourist, it is better that you choose a day with favorable weather so your sky experience does not turn into a horror movie.

Anyway, don’t worry! If the resorts and ski clubs receive people, you can go, but if it is the first time, it is better that you check the weather to enjoy this beautiful experience to the fullest.

You can find out information about the weather and the condition of the slopes on the official websites. You can also check out the websites of the clubs.

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Skiing Sierra Nevada: Skiing in Costa Del Sol and Sierra Nevada

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