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Dandruff Treatment – A Guide to Comfort

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A Guide to Comfort with dead cells, Do you have problems with dandruff treatment? Read here and find the treatment of dandruff.

Some Simple Treatment of Dandruff

Dandruff, also known as seborrheic dermatitis is a flaky, itchy, and persistent skin disorder of the scalp, without redness. It outcomes when the scalp sheds dead skin cells in big numbers. Dandruff appears as white, dry, greyish flakes generally on the top of the head. And you need to the treatment of Dandruff for good and shiny hair.

Dandruff Treatment - A Guide to Comfort for dead cells

It is general to continuously shed some dead skin flakes, as the skin is continually renewing itself. With dandruff, the full process of skin renewal speeds up, so a bigger number of dead cells get shed. Further, the cells are shed in clumps, which are huge enough to be seen with the bare eyes as embarrassing flakes.  The scalp may also feel pretty itchy.

Dandruff is extremely general and ninety percent of the people around the planet face this issue. It can happen at any age but is most likely in the early 20s. when it happens in newborns and infants, the problem is termed as cradle cap.

Although not risky, the problem can be pretty embarrassing. It causes a lack of self-esteem and confidence.

Possible causes of dandruff:

  • Hormonal imbalance because problem generally begins after puberty and is more general in men than women
  • Internal causes
  • For unknown reasons, people with some sickness, such as Parkinson’s disease, are more likely to have problems.
  • Family history
  • Oily scalp
  • Anxiety
  • Excessive sweating
  • Food allergies
  • External causes
  • Faulty eating habits – fried fats, foods, and sugar
  • Frequent use of powerful gels, hairsprays, dyes
  • Use of lotions that have alcohol
  • Inadequate cleansing/scalp rinsing/hair after shampooing


Treatment of dandruff ( Dead Cells)

Dandruff is a natural process. Removal takes time because of the dead cells , but you can manage and control it. Treatment of dandruff is directed at fighting the skin inflammation. This is performed either directly, by using cortisone-based lotions and creams, or by decreasing the yeast that builds upon scaly areas and adds to the issue.

  • Keep the hair and scalp clean, to reduce the accumulation of dead cells. Wash frequently so that flakes do not build up. The hair should be brushed daily to better the circulation and remove any flakiness.
  • Massage the scalp daily using the fingertips. This improves circulation, dislodges dirt and dand ruff, and supports hair growth.
  • Reject spicy and greasy food because it helps problems to raise and spread. Add more green and fresh vegetables and fruits to the diet. Have a balanced diet containing lots of vitamin B6, A, B12. Reject intake of fried foods, chocolates, sugar, and nuts.
  • Powerful coffee and tea, processed foods should be rejected for the problem.

Dandruff Treatment - A Guide to Comfort with dead cells

What shampoo to use to treat dandruff?

There is no official branded shampoo for dand ruff. Doctors generally advise Nizoral, a medicated shampoo accessible only in drug stores as an anti-dandruff shampoo. It is medically verified and the effect is long-lasting.

You have to try and find out which one is successful at managing your Problem. Some generally accessible anti-dandruff shampoo in the market is Clinic, Pantene Pro-V, Head & Shoulders. Use a mild shampoo.

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