Tour Guide Puerto Banus Marina

Are you looking for where to spend your next vacation around Marbella, Spain? Puerto Banus is a perfect location for you. This article contains a tour guide to Puerto Banús Marina to make your trip there to be successful and enjoyable. We will provide you with all you need to know before embarking on this journey.

  • Puerto Banús

This is a very popular place for travelers and tourists around the world. Each year, more than 4 million people visit this port that is located in the western part of Marbella. Within this port, you will see the most expensive and biggest patches on earth, incredibly luxurious cars, extra-exclusive designer boutiques, and its famous and glamorous nightlife.

There are so many things to explore in this port, including pubs, piano bars, clubs, and bars. You can check out the amazing beaches during the daytime, enjoy some delicious meals at its top-notch restaurants, or visit the shops.

  • Nueva Andalucía

This is extensive urbanization that is just above The Port (Puerto Banús). Nueva Andalucía is populated with so many foreigners, being a residential territory. You will mostly see the Scandinavian and British foreigners. Here is where you can also see great supermarkets and restaurants.

The People around Puerto Banus Marina

One thing that makes this port attractive is the range of international tourists that come to visit. If you want to stay, there are several hotels that you can choose from. These hotels offer the necessary services that will make you enjoy your vacation in Marbella, Spain.

Since 1970, when this port was first opened, select residents have been visiting. There are apartment blocks all around Puerto Banús. If you can afford the money, then you can either decide to rent or buy any of them.

Every time you visit Nueva Andalucía, you will always find it bustling with visitors and residents, and you will also see busy cafés and shops filled with many people from various nationalities and backgrounds. You will also see golfers that gyrate naturally to this place.

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Getting Around in Puerto Banus Marina

As we have mentioned earlier, Puerto Banús Marina is located around Marbella in the western part of Malaga. When you are already inside this port, you might not need any to take any transport because you can easily access everything by just walking. Everything is within a very short distance. But, if you want to go home or outside the area, you will see taxis and buses available for you. The buses can only take you to tons that are nearby. They can also take you to Malaga or Gibraltar airport. Buses also go to La Campana, Aloha, and Centro Plaza. The buses usually come every 30 minutes.

Most people feel that it is better and simpler for them to get a taxi than to ride by bus. Puerto Banús has 4 core taxi ranks. But, when it is summer, especially during the busy months, you can find taxis almost everywhere. The four main points where you can see them are outside the Glam nightclub or adjacent to Dreamers nightclub, outside the El Corte Ingles, the side directly facing the archway, and after entering the port. There are still other main points where you can find taxi ranks at Nueva Andalucia.

What to do in Puerto Banus Marina

Whenever you visit Puerto Banús, ensure that you take a photograph of the iconic green rhinoceros owned by Salvador Dali. 2004 marked the year that this great sculpture was officially unveiled. Another statue that you can enjoy seeing is the statue of El Marballero which stands high up to 30 meters.

If you do not want to visit the shops, then you can do some rollerblades or cycle at the long promenades that are on the two sides of Puerto Banús Marina. If you love to exercise, then there are public exercise machines that you can use. You can also enjoy various types of cuisine in its several restaurants.

One of the most exciting things to do at Puerto Banús is going to the MarinaMarina itself. You can buy or rent any of the 6-50 meter longboats. The water is about 3-6 meters deep in the MarinaMarina, while its depth at the entrance of the port is 7.5 meters.

The Beach at Puerto Banus Marina

You can go to one of the luxurious bars around Puerto Banús beach. If you go to the beach, you can rent one sunbed for yourself for about €5 or €120. A beach club determines the price of their drink as well as their food. This means that the prices of food and drinks also vary based on how exclusive the particular beach club is. You do not need anyone to tell you that this place is designed with wealthy visitors in mind. Here is where you will find some prolific beach clubs.
There is no much shade on the beaches, so while coming, you should bring enough cream and a parasol. You will always have space to roll your towel out on the sand and enjoy the sun.

Shopping around Puerto Banus Marina

If you are looking for an exclusive place to spend your money, then we can recommend Puerto Banús to you. You will definitely enjoy shopping here. Just come along with your credit card and get ready to buy some exclusive designer brands like Versace, Carolina Herrera, Hugo Boss, Dior, D&G, Custo Barcelona, Gucci, and lots more. You just need to have it in mind that people might be temporarily restricted from entering the shop if there is a VIP shopping there.

Sports in Puerto Banus Marina

You can access several sporting facilities in Puerto Banús, and they include various gyms like Plaza Gym, Atenas, and the Qi Gym. You can still engage in Hip Hop, pole dancing, and cheerleading classes. Everyone definitely has something to do. You can also do some water sports if that is what you prefer.


As you have seen from this tour guide to Puerto Banús, there are so many things that you can enjoy, especially if you can afford them. This destination should be on the list of your next vacation.